About Elf
Elf is a worldwide legendary French brand of lubricants that offers premium products for all engine types: cars, motorcycles and heavy duty vehicles. It is a reliable brand, trusted and recommended by experts thanks to its technological advancements and a very strong experience in motorsports.
Elf has partnerships with leading international manufacturers such as Renault, Nissan, Kawasaki and Dacia.
Sold in 133 countries, Elf is brought to Lebanon by IPT and it is available at its service stations.

History at a Glance
Known as the oil born in Formula 1, Elf lubricants owe their identification with excellence, performance, records and countless victories in part to their history, the story of a brand created 50 years ago.

With Elf, economy and ecology go hand in hand:
• Specialized for all driving conditions
• Provides more engine protection
• Improves performance 
• Lowers fuel consumption
• Reduces significantly environmental impact as it meets the latest ACEA and API specifications

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