Being in the business for almost 50 years has given IPT a wealth of experience. It is with great pride that I can rightfully claim that IPT is one of the leading oil and gas companies in Lebanon today with a network of more than 190 gas stations across Lebanon.
With our eye on the future, we adopted a differentiation strategy that resulted in sustained growth and continuous improvement. We transformed our gas stations into attractive, safe, and clean places, and were the first to introduce new services and offer unique products. Over the years, we established strong partnerships with national and international companies from different sectors and selected Total, the leading French industry specialist, as our exclusive supplier of gasoline, diesel oil and lubricants. Because of this, we can always provide our esteemed clients with a reliable supply and products that meet international standards. 

Offering the best quality fuel in Lebanon has always been important to us and so, in 2017, we launched Quantum, an advanced eco-friendly gasoline product that combines high-quality gasoline with a cutting-edge additive developed by Total. Quantum delivers many benefits and is exclusively available at IPT stations at no added cost for people. 

Committed to maintaining the highest quality at all stages of production, we have a central monitoring and control system that ensures the proper supervision of the entire supply chain from unloading at our terminal to sales at the gas station. This guarantees our clients enjoy superior IPT products at all times. 

Because sustainability matters to us, our strategy is rooted in the well-being of the community and not just our business. We support CSR initiatives closely related to our business activities in the oil and gas sector. First, we invested in sustainable energy practices throughout our entire business operation and in eco-friendly products and services that minimize harmful emissions and wastes. Second, we established IPT Energy Center (IPTEC), a specialized research and development center involved in scientific projects and awareness initiatives in the field of energy conservation and efficient energy use, the reduction of environmental pollution resulting from the use of energy sources, and the promotion of clean, alternative and renewable energy solutions, and much more. 

We also founded the Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development (MIF) that focuses on sustainability programs especially in the field of local development by building capacities for self-employment and income generation. It also fosters entrepreneurship initiatives among Lebanese youth, encourages them to get involved in the business sector as employers, and secures jobs for fresh graduates so they don’t have to relocate to the capital or to immigrate.

For over four decades, our leading position in the market has always been tied to our work culture which is founded on the belief that we must succeed internally in order to offer our clients the best. Our talented team of professionals understands that how we work is just as important as what we achieve. It is through this clear vision and teamwork that we successfully advanced towards achieving our goals. This is how we earned a reputation for transparency, commitment, and responsibility among our stakeholders. As we continue to grow in the market and strive to bring real convenience to every home and business, our biggest milestone remains your trust in our products and services.

The way we envisage the future of our business and the evolution of our strategy of differentiation involves joining hands with you, the IPT team, customers and partners. We thank you for your trust and promise you that we will always create and deliver value across Lebanon.

Michel Issa