IPT (Issa Petrol Trade) gets people and businesses moving. We offer premium oil and gas solutions in addition to a wide variety of services. At IPT we fully understand the energy and environmental challenges of today's rapidly changing world.

This is why our approach is not only rooted in the present, but looks towards a sustainable future. As one of the leading oil and gas companies in Lebanon, IPT is at the forefront of global trends. We are specialized in the import and storage of petroleum products including gasoline, diesel oil, LPG, and lubricants. We also offer reliable distribution to gas stations, factories, and homes. IPT even boasts a network of more than 35 fully owned gas stations that are managed by the company and has a chain of more than 170 franchised gas stations outside the firm's owned-network. IPT is here to fuel your life.

Because we want to improve your life, IPT also offers you a comprehensive range of petroleum related services alongside a wealth of sub-brands including Elf Lubricants, individual and fleet fuel cards, IPT-Byblos Bank MasterCard, Bon Appétit convenience stores, McDonald’s restaurants, Latte Art coffee, EQUIPT petroleum equipment stores, LaserWash, Automatic Truck Wash, Auto Gadget car accessories shops.