Mountain Mudd Espresso is one of the leading drive-thru coffee brands in the United States. It offers premium coffee on the go. Mountain Mudd is a secret blend of nine beans individually roasted over an exclusive oak fire. With twenty different products, Mountain Mudd Espresso offers a variety of hot and frozen drinks, coffee and cream base that meet all your envies and lead you to experience ultimate and premium coffee.

Mountain Mudd Espresso in Lebanon

Mountain Mudd’s unique drive-thru experience has been available in Lebanon since 2009 thanks to the Lebanese Investment and Procurement (LIP sal), a Lebanese food and beverage corporation and a member of IPT Group. Initially located at IPT stations, Mountain Mudd’s network is now expanding in Lebanon thanks to Mountain Mudd’s easily displaceable kiosks.

Getting a much needed cup of coffee has never been more practical or delectable. Now you can fuel up and energize not just your car!

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