In March 2010, Byblos Bank and IPT launched the First Fuel Credit Card in Lebanon: IPT–Byblos Bank Co-branded MasterCard, in a new step consolidating a partnership of more than 20 years between IPT and Byblos Bank.

As ATM service, Byblos Bank boasts a wide-spread network of 102 ATMs located all over the Lebanese territory. In partnership with Byblos bank, IPT has installed ATM machines at key IPT stations to provide the ultimate convenience and ensure 24h banking services to IPT and Byblos Bank clients.

Byblos Bank Group is a leading commercial bank committed to provide excellence and premier services to its clients worldwide. Throughout more than 55 years of growth, the bank was able to become one of the largest networks with more than 75 branches in Lebanon. Mastering a rich expertise and know-how, Byblos Bank expanded its geographic footprint in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with branches in Belgium, Great Britain, France, Cyprus, Armenia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq (Kurdistan) and representative offices in UAE and Nigeria.

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