Take control and fill up on value
IPT is the first company in Lebanon to introduce the Self-Service gas station concept. This is yet another of our pioneering drives.

How you benefit
IPT Self-Service puts you in control and even helps you save money since you don’t have to tip. It also increases efficiency and saves time since there are shorter wait times. Because we always offer you more, our Self-Service also provides you with everything you need to refill water and clean your windshield yourself. Also while using IPT self-service you will save 1,000 L.L. on every 20 Liters gasoline. At IPT, we are keen to thank you for taking initiative and so whenever you use your IPT Self-Service Rewards Card, you will accumulate points and redeem them with valuable gifts and services. Check here the "IPT Self Service Card- Rewards Bundle" tailored to help you get rewards faster.

It is very simple to become an IPT Self-Service customer:

1- You just pay at the Bon Appétit using cash
2- Then you select the nozzle for the requested fuel
3- Finally push the nozzle and fill up your car 
4- Request your "IPT Self-Service Rewards Card" by clicking here

* Self-service pumps are available at the following IPT Stations:

  • IPT station Dekwaneh (near Center Freeway)
  • IPT station Zouk (near Empire Espace)
  • IPT station Halat (near Infrarouge)
  • IPT station Amchit 77 (Amchit Highway bifurcation) 
  • IPT Sustainable Station (Amchit-Jbeil highway)