Wed Feb 10, 2021
Your CO2 Measuring Tool @ IPT Sustainable Station

In line with its ambition to move towards low emission vehicles, IPT has installed at its Sustainable Station in Amchit an online gas emissions tool to help our customers estimate fuel costs and CO2 emissions of their daily trips by car. 

As free service at the station, this emission analyzer tool helps IPT customers make better informed choices for their car transport needs, and shows them how they can lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

In fact, the Kane Auto Plus 2-4 analyzer is a device for the measurement of vehicles’ exhaust gas emissions mainly CO, HC, CO2, and O2 simultaneously. It automatically calculates if the ratio of your vehicle’s emissions is within the acceptable range, so you can avoid failure in the annual official mechanical inspection and reduce pollution to a tolerable level.  

At any time, you could measure your vehicle's exhaust gas emissions at "IPT Sustainable Station" on Amchit Highway. All it takes is a few minutes! Be Eco-friendly, try it now! 

Download brochure to know more about all the features at "IPT Sustainable Station".

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