Fri Feb 12, 2021
What Lockdown Loneliness Taught Me About Climate Change

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“Through the lockdown, no one told me at any point to be more positive or more hopeful. But surprisingly, I found myself feeling better surrounded by a sudden peaceful silence I wasn’t used to. I just paused and thought about what the world would look like once the pandemic is over, what’s going to be lost forever and what better steps we can take for the future. 

I realized that no matter where you were born or how wealthy your family is, this virus will change your life in a way or another. Although the pandemic has provided some short-term positive impacts on global environment, including temporary improvements in air quality, lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower levels of noise pollution, there has also been negative consequences such as increased use of single-use plastics. Which brought me to think that we should focus on reshaping our unsustainable production and consumption systems to achieve long-term environmental benefits. 

Thanks to this pandemic we will all emerge better equipped to listen to what our loneliness is telling us, and share it with others who are fighting the same battle.” ~ anonymous

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