Mon Sep 09, 2019
The New IPT "Bitar" Station in Kfar Habou- Danniyeh district

IPT "Bitar" Station is a new member that joined IPT network of stations in the north of Lebanon.

While taking the main road of Kfar Habou, make a stop at IPT "Bitar" Station in Danniyeh district and fuel your journey with difference.

Let your engine experience the power of Quantum, the Advanced Fuel from IPT; if you have a diesel engine, watch its best performance by fueling IPT Diesel.

Knowing the necessity of a constant oil check, you can get a professional ELF oil change at our new station. At last, give your vehicle a distinctive car wash to catch more eyes while travelling the North.

To locate the nearest station to you, use our Station Locator. 

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