Sun Oct 28, 2018
Our Latest IPT Station, Ready to Serve you in Brummana

After the rain here shines the sun again! This weekend, what is better than a city escape and some fresh air in Brummana! 

Up in the mountains overlooking the mediterranean, we proudly announce the readiness of our New IPT "Al Ghabeh" station located in Brummana- Al Matn district, to fuel your car with the advanced and environmentally-friendly gasoline that is available exclusively at IPT Stations, Quantum 98&95. It also offers you the green IPT Diesel that keeps you warm all winter, in addition to Elf lubricants and car wash. 

Spacious in size, IPT "Al Ghabeh" station has tailored for you additional services including a convenience store and Online Money Transfer solutions to make your trip as enjoyable as it can be.

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