Mon Oct 07, 2019
The Gas Station of the Future and Enhancing Customer Experience: A Presentation by Ms. Aya Issa

A peek into the role of the fuel industry in bringing the gas station of the future through design and technologies that enhance customer experience was presented by IPT Board Member and Group Projects Coordinator Ms. Aya Issa during IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) session “The Future of Gas Station” at International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF) 2019 10th Edition.

During her presentation Ms. Issa covered the current situation of the fuel retail industry and the challenges it will face in the future, the energy outlook scenarios of the various international energy agencies and major Oil and Gas companies, as well as the trends that will drive the petrol retail sector in the future.

Download the full presentation and know more about future challenges and trends that will shape the sector in terms of advanced technologies that can enhance the customer’s experience.