Wed Sep 11, 2019
The European "IPT Diesel": Concentrated Fuel Technology

Winter is around the corner? Who is better than IPT to offer you the best heating solution for your houses! 

"IPT Diesel" the green European premium product is ideal for water boilers, heaters and small electrical generators, as it helps engine run better without undermining their long term performance. 

"IPT Diesel" improves fuel economy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions which means less pollution and less bad smells in your homes and apartments.

Ordering your "IPT Diesel" has never been easier. All you have to do is to place your order by calling "PT Diesel" hotline number on 76- 733 337, or fill and submit the Diesel Delivery Form online and "IPT Diesel" will be immediately delivered to your door For Free within 24 hours without any intermediaries, using Italian meters to ensure optimal accuracy. 

To know more, listen to radio spot, check "IPT Diesel" page, and watch the video.