Sat Jun 20, 2020
Strict Safety Measures for IPT Trucks Fleet

Proactive safety measures is the key to ensure zero accidents.

As a leading petroleum company in Lebanon aware of the high "health & safety" risks related to petroleum business, IPT makes sure that employees are operating in a safe and friendly environment, applying on a daily basis safety guidelines within all operations, ensuring a reliable supply chain procedure, from import, storage, transportation to the distribution for gas stations, homes and businesses.

In the same context, IPT's specialized trucks are equipped with positive displacement meters, providing superior accuracy and preserving products quality.

Moreover IPT vehicles are mounted with high-tech GPS system and IPT drivers follow continuous training on safety and prevention to minimize road risks and incidents while guaranteeing a safe delivery process. 

Check the QHSE page and below an album about the "Safe to Load" and check-up procedures that IPT drivers undergo on a daily basis at IPT terminals, before supplying customers.