Sun May 03, 2020
Reinforcing Health & Safety Measures at IPT Headquarters

Continuously channeling its efforts to create and maintain a healthy and secure working environment for its employees and stakeholders, IPT has in the past few weeks acquired and installed a "steam sanitizing unit" at the entrance of its headquarters in Amchit.

The machine resembles a phone booth, open from two opposing sides, allowing a person to walk through it. It disinfects the person by injecting sanitizing steam as soon as he/she steps in, and the whole process is a matter of seconds.

In addition to this sanitizing unit, strict safety measures are still enforced on all personnel and visitors; such as wearing masks and gloves, as well as using sanitizing gels distributed across the headquarters, not to mention repetitive forehead temperature scanning on a daily basis.

Watch video to know more.

#SafetyFirst #Responsible_IPT

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