Sun Nov 03, 2019
Station Annahar in Bzal- Akkar District, Newly Renovated

IPT is your road companion wherever you go!

Today, we shed the light on our station in Bzal- Akkar District that provides customers across Lebanon with  high quality products and professional services .

Standing in its renovated look, IPT "Annahar" Station serves its customers  in a welcoming atmosphere, offering a variety of the top IPT products and services such as the advanced green fuel  "Quantum 98&95", the economic and eco-friendly IPT Diesel, and the European famous Elf lubricants. In addition, at Annahar Station you can pamper your car with a specialized car-wash. 

To locate the nearest station to you, use our Station Locator.

* About Akkar
Akkar District is the only district in Akkar Governorate, Lebanon. Akkar has many important Roman and Arabic archaeological sites. One of the most famous archaeological sites and the birthplace of the Roman emperor Severus Alexander (d.235) is the Tell of Arqa near the town of Miniara. Several prehistoric sites were found in the Akkar plain foothills that were suggested to have been used by the Heavy Neolithic Qaraoun culture at the dawn of the Neolithic Revolution.