Sun Mar 10, 2019
Schools and Universities Role in Promoting a Sustainable Future

Universities and technical schools have a responsibility to be key drivers for better change in Lebanon, and key references to follow for a better future. Therefore they play an important role in educating and implementing programs or projects in order to reduce their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. 


  • through increasing energy efficiency by installing for example a properly designed and maintained ventilation system to draw in fresh outside air 
  • through relying on renewable energy sources by installing solar systems and working on projects with students to educate them on the importance of renewable energy sources and the impact of their utilization on the environment
  • through promoting sustainable transport by adopting carpooling, walking or biking to school when possible, or even providing recharging spots for electrical eco-friendly cars
  • through using alternative and cleaner fuels such as biodiesel, ethanol, natural gas, hydrogen, propane, and others

* So if you are a school or a university and have accomplished a project in the above fields, this is your chance to get recognized and awarded. 
Apply before June 15 to the 2nd edition of the Energy Awareness Awards (EAA) through this link.