Wed Sep 01, 2021
Resilience In Action: IPT Stands Firm in the Midst of the Crisis

The economic challenges in Lebanon have reached incredible heights during the last months. It’s a tragic socioeconomic humanitarian crisis driven by Lebanese pound devaluation, increased unemployment and poverty, business closures, inflation, limited access to imports and fuel shortages which have been extremely affecting importers, traders, businesses and all Lebanese citizens.

For more than 50 years, resilience has been key to IPT’s sustainability. Since the beginning of this economic crisis, IPT set a resilience action plan on a grand scale providing a support system internally and externally covering IPT team, customers and partners to get through this period together.

The environment has been challenging for everyone. Our focus has been to supply fuel equally to all and based on the official fuel prices. We didn't seize supplying our gas stations throughout Lebanon, and we kept sending fuel to remote areas even though our tankers have been faced with several pirating attempts.

We have supported different sectors and local businesses from all sizes to help in maintaining their operations without the need to turn to the black market.

The severe fuel shortage affected all sectors, including bakeries and mills, thus IPT provided diesel to ensure that the shortage of this substance doesn't result in a food disaster for the Lebanese due to a shortage of raw materials such as bread. We also secured fuel for small farmers such as in Bekaa and Akkar areas after their seasons were on the risk of being damaged due to the fuel crisis.

In conjunction with Lebanon's health crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, IPT stations grant priority to medical personnel in support of their efforts to serve humanity.

IPT collaborated with municipalities and mayors to help reduce the long hours of power outage and generator issues through fuel supply to different areas. But we didn’t forget about small villages with no municipal representatives. IPT devised a strategy to assist these villages and towns with consistent quantities of fuel to reduce power shortages.

The educational sector was on IPT’s agenda as well as it plays the most important role in ensuring a successful future for the country. We provided teachers with priority passes during official exams to facilitate the process of supervising the exams.

IPT team has been working around the clock to get through this crisis. We still believe that difficulties bring opportunity and change and we are committed more than ever to remain resilient and to continue our mission. We are Here to Stay.