Thu Jul 11, 2019
President of the Economic and Social Council Mr. Charles Arbid Visits IPT

Mr. Charles Arbid, the President of the Economic and Social Council, visited IPT Headquarters in Amchit on Thursday July 11, 2019 and met with IPT Vice Chairman Dr. Toni Issa and IPT directors, managers and seniors to discuss the economic and social situation in the country and the role of the private sector in coping with prevailing challenges.

After welcoming Mr. Arbid, Dr. Issa introduced the discussion by questioning the impact of the current situation on business activities and the private sector. Mr. Arbid started his intervention by mentioning that IPT overcame the difficulties and became a strong brand and an icon in Lebanon. IPT was able to thrive and to add value to the sector thanks to its good management and resilience. He confirmed that what differentiates IPT from other local companies is its interest in being socially responsible and in building strategic partnerships with multinational companies. Mr. Arbid then introduced the important role of the Economic and Social Council in Lebanon and went over the several factors that have led to economic instability and proposed solutions stressing education and decentralization. He finally invited the private sector to remain resilient and productive despite the difficult environment.   

The discussion was followed by a visit to IPT Terminal where Mr. Arbid was introduced to the site's feature and safety measures.

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