Tue Jul 21, 2020
Optimum Safety Measures Continues at IPT Premises

Because we take safety factor very seriously, we at IPT, continue to strengthen our safety measures to its highest levels. To this end, and in order to ensure a safe environment for our employees, stakeholders, and visitors at all times, we make sure to reinforce these measures at our headquarters, terminals and all our premises.

In addition to the daily use of the sanitizing unit before entering to the main hall, touchless check in, hand gel and the daily cleaning of their desks, employees are still enforced to wear masks all day long, use sanitizing gels distributed across the headquarters over the hours, keep social distancing and to undergo repetitive forehead temperature scanning on a daily basis. 

Same strict measures are required from all drivers, workers, as well as stations attendants who are also monitored and required to abide by the company's maximum safety measures when approaching or serving a client. 


Watch video to know more.

#SafetyFirst #Responsible_IPT

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