Fri Nov 06, 2020
Need to Disinfect and Deep Clean Your Entire Vehicle During Covid-19?

Autoclean is your ultimate carpet and upholstery cleaning and disinfecting vacuum solution. It hooks up to a vacuum and an air compressor to deep clean your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery while providing the needed suction and blowing out dirt, crumbs, grime, pet hair, debris and bacteria. 

By utilizing two power sources, an air compressor and a vacuum, repeated passes over the same area when cleaning carpet, upholstery and other textiles are not necessary.

Your vehicle will not only be spotless but we will also make sure you enjoy a smooth ride with a clean and fresh smell by adding our special fragrance. 
What are you waiting for? Plan to drop off your vehicle today at our Halat Station on your way to Beirut so that we can pamper it and give it back to you brand new. 

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