Tue Mar 10, 2020
"Khallina 3a Ittisal" 32nd Issue

As the Spring weather is promising a new beginning, a fresh new start, we hope that the coming days will be better ones and we focus on our milestones for the past period. For this, we are proud to announce the realease of the 32nd issue of "Khallina 3a Ittisal" wrapping up recent achievements of IPT in the past 3 months, as well as the activities of IPT Energy Center (IPTEC), and more. 

IPT's Achievements
This issue of "Khallina 3a Ittisal" highlights the huge and positive feedback we received on IPT's "Hiring Lebanese" unprecedented initiative, and its real first manifestation at our "Sustainable Station" in Amchit as first step. It also showcases the "2019 Year in Review", a year full of energy that resulted in the addition of 2 conglomerates within the Holding: Fuel Logistics Co. sal, and Lebanon Energy sal with the aim to increase IPT's storage capacity and to cater to the growing energy needs in the Lebanese market. Under the same framework, the issue covers the full readiness of IPT to serve its customers during hard times that followed the October 17 revolution. 

IPTEC Projects & Activities
You may also read about our "2020 Green Resolution" inspired by IPTEC tips and the green practices adopted at our office. Furthermore, take some time to read about the success of "IPTEC-Fabriano Drawing Competition 2019" that resulted in amazing drawings highlighting the theme: "The Gas Station of Tomorrow". Worth-noting that this contest aims at raising awareness among the young generations (drivers of tomorrow) on the sustainable practices and innovative approaches that gas stations can apply to use less energy and become eco-friendly. 

Safety First
Also featured are the strict health and safety measures applied at IPT to ensure optimum safety to all our employees and stakeholders on our stations, headquarters and terminals.

What Else?
In addition, you can discover the new gas stations that recently joined the network, and know more about IPT Products & Services namely: IPT Prepaid Card, the French Elf Lubricants, and IPT Gas Tanks.

Click here to download this issue of "Khallina 3a Ittisal". You can also check previous issues in this page.