Sun Feb 07, 2021
Keep Moving Forward, Keep Fueling with "IPT Prepaid Fuel Card"

In every situation, adaptability is the key to keep moving forward.

Whether you need to make an unconventional gift or simply prefer not to use cash, "IPT Prepaid Fuel Card" is a cashless solution perfect for nowadays. All you need to do is deposit money in advance onto your card and it’s ready to use for your fuel expenses.  

It’s as simple as having your cash but in card form and in Lebanese Pounds. It is perfectly suitable for individuals and businesses. 

With "IPT Prepaid Fuel Card", you can:   
• Forget about cash, set limits to your fuel expenses, and start saving time and money   
• Recharge your card at your convenience    
• Keep track of your transactions easily and safely through using our web portal or through “Viva” mobile app   

IPT gives you access to a large network of gas stations around Lebanon and if your commute is limited, we can facilitate your card’s pick up at the closest IPT Station to you. If you manage a company fleet and need to track your drivers, we provide each driver with a card that you can monitor and control as needed.

Call us on 78- 822 822 / 09- 624 111.

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