Mon May 18, 2020
IPTEC Encourages the Environmental Initiative of Caroline Chaptini

The Lebanese holder of Guinness World Record is now making "The Largest Crescent Moon Out of Plastic". Caroline Chaptini is a Lebanese activist who broke the Guinness World Record for the Largest Plastic Bottle Sculpture in 2019, a Christmas tree that stood tall and proud in Chekka. Under the motto "Save them, don’t throw them", she continued to collect bottles for five months until she finally reached her goal for the Christmas tree with 129,000 bottles, and succeeded in beating Mexico's world record for the tallest plastic bottle sculpture at 28.1m!

The Crescent Moon
Encouraged that she broke Mexico’s record, she now wants to beat Japan’s record by creating the largest crescent moon out of recycled plastic bottle caps. After the outstanding success of her Christmas tree, she decided to create a crescent moon, as a homage to the month of Ramadan, proving that Lebanese people are united regardless of religion or sect.

In just five months, she has managed to collect a million bottle caps, to create the crescent moon and two-star that she hopes will also be included in the Guinness World Records. Her project is not only environmental but also humanitarian. The one million caps she collected with help from people all around Lebanon will later go to an association in Jbeil called “Kids First” that supports young cancer patients. She said: “No doubt, the world is going through a very difficult time right now. Although it would be easy for me to give up on my project, I will not! Even if I must continue this project alone. Stay Home and safely watch as I begin to assemble the largest Hilal made of recycled bottle caps.” Check pics here.

* From this courageous and one-of-a-kind initiative, IPTEC would like to thank and encourage the dedication and resilience of Caroline Chaptini, and encourage similar environmental initiatives for they have a big impact on our societies.

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