Wed Nov 11, 2020
IPT Sustainable Station: A Solar Powered Station that Saves Energy

The IPT Sustainable Station, launched in Oct 2019 was created with the aim of focusing on sustainability. We wanted to look at different ways we could increase our Energy Performance and Reduce the Environmental impact of our gas stations. This is how we developed an “Energy and Environmental Management Strategy (EEMS)” that we started implementing gradually on our gas stations to save energy and water, reduce emissions, protect the soil and ground water, and collect waste for eventual treatment and reuse.  
One of this station's key aspects is its canopy. It was specifically designed with photovoltaic panels that have been positioned to capture an optimal amount of the sun’s energy. This allows the station to create its own electricity without giving up any valuable space. Since its inauguration in October 2019, the solar panels on the IPT Sustainable Station have generated over 40,000 KWH of electricity. This is equivalent to the amount of electricity four Lebanese households consume in a year.

Despite the challenges we are facing, we are still committed to prepare wisely for the future. Soon, as we hope and expect more vehicles to becomes electric, we are a step ahead, ready to accommodate them  through our EV charging station installed on our station. Adopting solar and electric energy means have become necessary towards moving past the traditional service station into one that can provide both gasoline and charging stations for electric vehicles. 

We are waiting for your visit to our Amchit Station on your way to Beirut to check more interesting features and services.