Sun Jul 01, 2018
Jun 19, 2018- IPT Supports the Shift to Green Diesel, a Cleaner Energy Source

“Lebanon is moving toward using green diesel as opposed to red diesel”, H.E. Minister of Energy and Water Cesar Abi Khalil stated on Tuesday June 19, "we are announcing a big environmental step towards eliminating polluted diesel from the Lebanese market".
The minister said that the standard wasn’t adopted earlier in the year because during winter, many Lebanese residents use diesel in household radiator heaters. “The price for green diesel was more expensive than red diesel in the winter and this would have had a drastic economic impact,” Abi Khalil said.
He also stated that the two types of diesel are now around the same price, noting that the pollution levels are much higher when using red diesel.
Source: Daily Star


Caring about the environment, IPT totally supports this positive shift towards a greener product, and considers this initiative to be a nationwide achievement. This is why, IPT offers you its advanced and eco-friendly petroleum products:

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Noting that, following IPTEC's recommendations, IPT has always worked on improving the quality and specifications of fuel in Lebanon, through developing its products further to meet the highest Lebanese standards, and taking initiatives that reduce emissions and fuel consumption.