Tue May 07, 2019
IPT Saba Station on Anfeh Sea Road

Saba Station, the newest member of IPT Family is located on Anfeh sea road towards north. Pass by and enjoy a distinctive experience for you and your car!

All IPT premium quality services are available there from the car wash, to oil services, in addition to the eco-friendly advanced fuel Quantum, IPT Diesel and IPT Gas cylinders. IPT GoGas Corporate Card is also accepted at Saba Station, in addition to the collection of IPT Fuel Cards.

While waiting, you can drop by the convenience store to get all your needs.

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IPT: Fulfilling Your Needs!

* About Anfeh:
Located in Koura, Anfeh is a famous destination in the summer. It is also known for looking like Greece due to the small white and blue houses on the coast! Anfeh is among the 11 Phoenician cities and towns that still exist today in Lebanon and it is built on the ruins of cities that did not last long. The remains include Phoenician and Roman walls, wine presses, Mosaics, places of worship, caves, water tanks, and steps.