Tue Oct 09, 2018
IPT Participation in the CEO Roundtable at Bayt El Wasat

At Bayt El Wasat, a roundtable discussion gathered Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri with 12 CEOs from top businesses and organizations in Lebanon and GCNL ambassadors and goal leaders, in the presence of the advisory team of PM Hariri and the President of the UN GCNL (Global Compact Network Lebanon) MP Dr. Dima Jamali, on 5 October 2018 to elaborate on and highlight the latest trends, practices and reforms of sustainability, thus unravel the influence of business to inspire innovation and leadership, and bring us closer to the UN 2030 agenda.

As a member of the SDG Council and Goal Leader for SDG7 to ensure access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy for all, Dr. Toni Issa, vice chairman of IPT Group and president of IPT Energy Center (IPTEC), was among the 12 CEOs who presented their successful experience in the field of sustainability and the importance of building public-private partnerships to face the challenges imposed by this field in Lebanon.

Dr. Issa went over IPT's responsible and sustainable business practices that are embedded in the company's daily operations and which reflect positively not only on the image and reputation of IPT, but also on the growth of the business thus leading to an increased profit and trust. 

He confirmed: "In my new responsibility in the SDG council, I will work hard to spread this conviction and try through communicating and cooperating with private sector institutions to convince them of the importance of transitioning towards sustainability and introducing it into their daily business practices".  

Concerning SDG7 on affordable and clean energy, Dr. Issa promised to keep implementing projects that fall under this goal within the oil & gas sector, and to work simultaneously on several fronts with local and international institutions and official authorities.

Stay tuned to Dr. Issa's participation in the second edition of the SDG Multi-Stakeholder Forum 2018 on October 18, 2018. 
To know more: www.globalcompact-lebanon.com/event/multi-stakeholder-sdg-forum 

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