Fri Jul 17, 2020
IPT "MMJ" Station: New in Maten District

Today, IPT introduces the new "MMJ" station, proudly joining our network of stations in Maten District.

Situated on the main road of Chaouyet El Maten, IPT "MMJ" Station is your new stop whenever you are heading from Qornet el Hamra towards Beit Chabab.

Once there, you will feel at ease during your visit, because you are choosing premium products and a professional service. From Quantum gasoline, IPT Diesel, Elf lubricants and car wash, you can have access to all these top products and services, and more to come.

Make your way up to the mountains for some fresh air and relaxation!

Discover and locate the closest IPT Station to you on our Online Station Locator.

About Beit Chabab
*Beit Chabab is a mountain village 24 km north of Beirut in Lebanon. It is the site of Lebanon's only bell foundry. The bells of Beit Chabab are sold to Christian communities in Lebanon and abroad to many countries.The village was completely embosomed in mulberry gardens at the turn of the century. The oldest church in Beit Chabab is Our Lady of the Forest, which was built in 1761. The name "Beit Chabab" is widely believed to originate from the "house of the young men". Anis Freiha sites in his Dictionary of the Names of Town and Villages in Lebanon that it comes from the Syriac "Bet Shebāba" meaning "house of the neighbor".