Sun Aug 02, 2020
IPT: Here For You

"Crisis brings opportunity and change"! A quote that reflects well our work ethics.

In light of the unprecedented period we are facing, our focus today is to consolidate IPT Group and continue to service our customers to the best of our abilities. We are confident that our wide reach across Lebanon will allow us to persevere, be it through our expansive network, or through our fleet system that can ensure proper coverage. After all, the advantage of our business lies within our product; fuel is a primary resource that remains indispensable.

It is important not to lose faith in our country and our abilities; this is how we are approaching these tough times. Whether it is through internal restructuring and improving our operations, or launching timely initiatives that contribute to our society, we are working twice as hard to remain relevant and buckle up to be ready to emerge stronger from the crisis.
We would like to extend our invitation to this approach to our customers and our partners to get through this period together, and reshape the new business landscape we will be operating in.

At last, we would like to assure you that we are committed to continue with our mission; we will always be here to serve you the best way possible, always considering your well-being, satisfaction, and safety as our top priority. 

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