Sat Feb 13, 2021
IPT Gas Solutions: An Efficient Heating Source for Homes & Businesses

"IPT Gas Solutions" stands for comprehensive services. It is indispensable for your home, industry and business in many ways.

About "IPT Gas Solutions"
Professionally meeting your evolving heating and cooking needs, "IPT Gas Solutions" cover:

• distribution and delivery of gas cylinders (propane and butane) to stores, gas stations, and factories
• bulk services (vrac supply), tank filling, and distribution of propane to industries, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and homes
• cylinder and tank filling services

Our service also includes designing and installing central gas systems with above-ground and under-ground Italian tanks from Antonio Merloni; which supplies these tanks with capacities of 500, 1000 and 1750 Liters. These tanks are ideal for kitchens, heating systems, chimneys, boilers, & barbecues, etc… known by their high quality and safety standards, these tanks are certified products that come with high corrosion resistant material, and are equipped with liquid and vapor phase delivery valves.

Efficient and eco-friendly Heating
For your heating system, IPT highly recommends the cost-effective propane gas which provides consistent heat, no matter how cold the weather is outside! Moreover, propane is a smart environmental choice with a lower carbon content and fewer emissions production.

With over 30 years of experience and more, "IPT Gas Solutions" is the source for all your gas solutions.

Facilitate your life and work, order now by calling 76- 455 881.