Tue Nov 05, 2019
IPT: 50 Years of Success in the Oil & Gas Industry

IPT's journey in the oil and gas industry spans more than 50 years. From a very modest beginning, it all started when Michel Issa became a partner in a small gas station he was managing in Amchit. Michel Issa, IPT’s Founder and Chairman, went the extra mile to grow his own business, starting by establishing his first exclusively-owned gas station in his hometown Amchit. 

Today, IPT has become an established brand with more than 200 gas stations spread all over Lebanon offering well-trusted products and services. IPT's journey was distinguished in redefining the concept of  gas stations in Lebanon through pioneering initiatives and striving to achieve its "Top-of-mind" position in providing better and trusted fuel.

IPT is also one of the leaders in promoting awareness on sustainable practices in the energy field in Lebanon through IPTEC, its energy center, which actively strives to enhance knowledge on energy conservation and efficient energy use to reduce environmental pollution resulting from the use of energy sources, promote the use of clean, alternative and renewable energy solutions, and more. Hereby, it is worth-noting that IPT was the first fuel  company in Lebanon to launch the first CSR report (year 2018) that is structured around responsible business practices towards the society and the environment, and embedding sustainability in its daily operations.

IPT's vision for the future is focused on its commitment to the highest level of performance and continuous satisfaction of its stakeholders. That is why IPT received the ISO 9001:2015 Certification covering the import, export, storage & distribution of petroleum products and installation & maintenance of petroleum equipment. It ensures the enforcement of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (QHSE) policy that is continuously controlled and enhanced to identify, prevent trouble spots and ensure a permanent improvement of environmental protection measures and quality control processes. 

The Success Story of IPT was recognized by Forbes Middle East magazine which selected Dr. Toni Issa, CEO and Vice Chairman of IPT, among the "Top 35 inspiring Lebanese business leaders" that have shaped the country's business landscape, and received an award in recognition of his achievements and the successes of IPT in this regard. 

With effort, persistence and enthusiasm, we will continue doing business and delivering value. Our business is not only rooted in the present, but looks towards a brighter and greener future. 

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IPT: Here For You!