Sun Oct 06, 2019
IPT Diesel: Stay Warm and Save!

Choosing IPT Diesel is not choosing any product; its unique concentrated fuel technology makes it an ideal fuel for water boilers, heaters, and small electrical generators. Many reasons make IPT Diesel the ideal solution for you to stay warm and save:

• From the Source to the client, IPT Diesel is directly delivered to you from IPT terminals
• Economic and Eco-friendly product 
• European product compliant with Euro 3 & Euro 4 standards
• Reduced smells in homes and residential buildings
• Free, fast and accurate delivery within 24 hours
• Multiple truck sizes to suit most areas and regions 
• Exquisite customer service and 24/7 support 

Call the IPT Diesel hotline number to have your diesel delivered straight to your door: 76/733 337To place an order, fill and submit the Diesel Delivery Form online or contact us on our hotline. 

To know more, listen to radio spot, check "IPT Diesel" page, and watch the video 1, and video 2.