Thu Apr 04, 2019
IPT Diesel, an Eco-friendly Solution for your Vehicle

Cut down on consumption and protect the environment with IPT Diesel, your concentrated fuel technology of choice. This eco-friendly European product conforms to Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards, making it an ideal fuel solution for all types of vehicles, cars, buses and trucks. 

It takes less fuel to provide the same power as standard gasoline and does not release environment-harming carbon dioxide. So what distinguishes IPT Diesel?

  • Contains a low percentage of Sulfur and a special additive blend 
  • Protects engines due to its developed formula
  • Lasts longer as it burns efficiently at a high temperature

IPT Diesel: Less pollution, more performance, is available at all IPT Stations since 2012. It is also available for industrial and home use. Download Brochure.