Mon Jan 11, 2021
IPT "Bsalim" Station: Now Managed by the Company

It is always a pleasure for us to share with you our good news and latest achievements!
Today, we are proud to inform you that IPT "Bsalim" Station- Metn district is now under the direct management of the company. 

Situated on Bsalim main road before the Lebanese electricity firm, IPT "Bsalim" Station is there to offer you all the premium products and services you are looking for... from gasoline to lubricants and car wash, and you will very soon be able to use your IPT Fuel Cards! 

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*About Bsalim
Bsalim is a village in the Metn District in Mount Lebanon Governorate, and it is located at 300–400 meters above sea level. The cities around it are Antelias, Jal El Dib, Nabey, Roumieh, Kennebat Broumana and Bkennaya. Some important sites people visit Bsalim for is Lebanese basketball since the home court of Hommentnen is located in Mezher.