Fri Mar 19, 2021
IPT "Bawab" Station is Now Open in Harouf – Nabatieh

As part of IPT's ongoing expansion plans to be able to serve you everywhere in Lebanon, we are glad to announce the opening of IPT "Bawab" gas station in Harouf, Nabatieh- South of Lebanon, raising by this our network to more than 200 gas stations spread all over the country.

IPT "Bawab" Station offers its customers the best products & services, which include sale of gasoline and diesel, manual car wash, Elf oil change and tires inflation, in addition to other vehicle-related services.
Located on a main intersection in a populated and industrial area, IPT "Bawab" Station is easily accessible from both sides, and it is managed by Mr. Ali Karaki.

After you fuel up, remember that oil is your car's most important fluid. Get your oil checked to avoid maintenance issues. Elf is the trusted brand we advise you to use. Check the oil that fits your car best in the following link.

If you’re in a hurry, get your car washed in no time, the station offers 2 wash bays to speed up the process.

Check our Station locator to locate the closest IPT Station.

* About Nabatiyeh:
It is an important town both economically and culturally. A market is held every Monday where traders and visitors from neighboring villages gather in the center of the town to exchange their goods in an area known as the Souq Al Tanen. There are also branches of several banks, hospitals, restaurants and cultural centers of interest to tourists. Nabatiyeh is also known for its grottos, the most important of which are the grottos of Ich Al-Ghourab.