Thu Sep 27, 2018
IPT Organizes its 5th Corporate Gathering at IBEF 2018 in the presence of the Minister of Energy & Water

Minister Cesar Abi Khalil praises IPT's continuous efforts in the field of energy conservation and sustainability

Dr. Toni Issa Unveils the First Sustainable & Advanced Gas Station In Lebanon 

In the presence of H.E. Minister of Energy & Water, Cesar Abi Khalil, and the Director General of Oil, Mrs. Aurore Feghali, and as part of IBEF 2018, IPT organized its 5th "Annual Corporate Conference & Gathering" under the theme "Towards Sustainable Gas Stations" specified for the owners and managers of its stations network from all over Lebanon  on the 27th of September 2018 at Le Royal hotel in Dbayeh.

This gathering that was also attended  by the President of the Board of the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC), Mr. Pierre Khoury, IPT Chairman, Mr. Michel Issa, Dr. Toni Issa, Vice Chairman and CEO of IPT, as well as IPT Board members and managers, aimed at engaging stations owners more in IPT's Energy and Environmental Management Strategy. 

During the conference, IPT unveiled its vision of the future sustainable, eco-friendly and advanced gas station, which will be concretized with a pilot station to be launched soon for the first time in Lebanon.

Minister Abi Khalil praised the continuous efforts of IPT in the field of energy conservation and energy sustainability, confirming again his full support to individual initiatives by the private sector that will protect the environment, especially as the world is moving towards this direction.

Mrs. Feghali, from her side, assured that this one-of-a-kind initiative serves as an example for the private sector on how to benefit from solar power to generate clean and efficient electicity and for water heating purposes. Hereby she assured that the General Directorate of Oil is coordinating with ESCWA to prepare a study that proves the economical and environmental benefits of the use of photovoltaic systems in gas stations to reduce pollution and save energy. Feghali hoped that Lebanon will increasingly benefit and rely on renewable energy in the next phase, and produce less expensive and polluting electricity as it enters the stage of gas extraction and use it in all sectors.

Dr. Toni Issa, in his speech, confirmed again IPT's commitment to energy sustainability and its responsible business practices, whereby it became a role model for the performance of the private sector on Corporate Social Responsibility and how to utilize its capabilities and potentials to serve environmental, social and developmental issues, indicating by this the company's expansion stratgey that aims at achieving further growth and increased market share. Dr. Issa slso thanked Minister Abi Khalil for his attendance and his continuous support to IPT and IPTEC's activities, given the significant value he adds particularly to this project.  

IPT board member Mr. Zakhia Issa who welcomed the new stations that joined IPT during 2017-2018 , congratulated the Lebanese market in general and IPT station owners in specific on the great success of Quantum, the Advanced and Eco-friendly gasoline from IPT. Issa also revealed the launch of a new car wash innovation known as Tunnel wash, an automatic fast and sophisticated model, which allows washing several cars at the same time within a one minute duration.

In his intervention, Mr. Pierre Khoury praised IPT's step and strong vision to be the first company to launch this environmentally-friendly model station.

At the end of the gathering, the winners of IPT yearly "Leadership & Innovation" Competition received their trophies and awards from Minister Abi Khalil and Mrs. Feghali and board members of IPT.

This event was followed by a visit to IPTEC/Quantum stand and a tour at the IBEF exhibition to discover the latest innovations in sustainable energy. 

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