Wed Feb 05, 2020
IPT 2020 Corporate Profile: Exploring Energy Everyday

IPT is a Lebanese Family Business established in the 70's specialized in the import, storage and distribution of petroleum products mainly gasoline, diesel oil, and LPG serving hundreds of gas stations, factories, and homes. 

Due to its growth strategy, IPT has become an established brand with more than 200 service stations spread all over Lebanon offering well-trusted products and services. IPT's journey was distinguished in redefining the concept of gas stations in Lebanon through pioneering initiatives and striving to achieve its "Top-of-mind" position in providing better and trusted fuel. That is why IPT received the ISO 9001:2015 Certification covering the import, export, storage & distribution of petroleum products and installation & maintenance of petroleum equipment.

Throughout its growth journey, IPT did not limit its activities to commercial ones only, but went further to embed sustainability and safety in every aspect of its daily operations.

With effort, persistence, and enthusiasm, IPT will continue exploring energy and is always committed to doing business, delivering value.

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