Mon Sep 06, 2021
Hurry Up & Benefit From The Best Oil Prices With No Additional Fees

Choosing the right oil is vital for your engine’s resilience and performance. At IPT stations, you can ask for a free check up anytime to keep an eye at your engine oil. When it’s time to change it, we will provide you with the oil type suitable for your car model from the renowned brand Elf.   
Beware of fake products. IPT guarantees original Elf oil products at its gas stations throughout Lebanon, for competitive prices and with no service charges.    

Take a look at some of our best-selling ELF products for passenger cars:  
- ELF Evolution 700 ST SAE 10W40 (Semi-synthetic)

- ELF Evolution 900 USX SAE 5W30 (Full synthetic) 

- Glacelf Antifreeze