Mon Feb 22, 2021
Severe Storm in the Mountains? Check How to be Served at IPT Stations during the Storm

A snowstorm hit our country last week along with heavy winds and torrential rain falls. It was the coldest storm to hit Lebanon this year with snow falling at altitudes as low as 600 meters in some areas. 

Along with the dip in winter temperatures, the fuel efficiency of your car drops during colder months. Tests show that when temperatures drop by 15C, a car’s gas mileage drops by nearly 12%. 

Through experience in high altitudes, IPT Stations owners come together from different regions to share some tips with you, ensuring your vehicle runs more efficiently this winter while also saving energy.

Mr. Nicolas Sfeir – IPT Station in  Ajaltoun: “We always advise our customers when driving in the mountains during the storm to reduce the pressure in their tires for better grip on the road, add ELF Anti-freeze in the radiator and in the windshield water tank to prevent frozen pipes, put their wipers up and away from the windshield to prevent them from breaking and freezing.”    

Mr. Jean Bou Gharios - IPT Station in Kartaba: Winter roads can be dangerous and can be closed at any time,  that’s why  the most important for us during a storm is to clear the stations’ entrance to facilitate passage of all the cars and ensure the availability of all products and services available such as Fuel , Diesel,  antifreeze ,  Inspect your battery’s fluid and cables…

As for Mr. Nassif Bitar – IPT Station in Raachin: We advise you to make sure your car is prepared for any winter storm or winter driving by servicing your car, driving safely, and packing a winter car emergency kit. Our station on your way is always ready to serve you.”

From IPT Station in Hrajel, Mr. Chalita confirmed that there are a few things we can do for you to get your car ready again to get home: We can help you inspect your tires and Fill them up  or We can help you switch to snow tires.
We can Change your oil and antifreeze We can inspect your battery’s fluid and cables. And  convenience store at your service to have food and drink just in case you're stuck longer than anticipated.

IPT Stations on your way are always ready to serve you in all weather conditions whether you are stuck in a snowbank, driving in the icy snow, or being stranded in a snowstorm.

Watch video of IPT Stations under the snow during the last winter storm.

Discover the closest IPT Station to you by checking the online Station Locator. 


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