Sun Sep 13, 2020
IPT e-Vouchers: For Corporate and Individual Use

Go digital with “IPT e-Voucher”. Forget about cash, magnetic cards and time-consuming paperwork, and start using the e-Voucher which is an innovative fuel payment solution from IPT. 

"IPT e-Vouchers"
can be issued in different electronic forms and are easy to share (via emails, whats app, etc…). In addition to being convenient, they will give you access to IPT’s e-fuel management system where you can securely get reports, statements and official invoices.  

* IPT was the 1st oil & gas company to introduce e-Vouchers in Lebanon, and over the years it has become a trusted fuel management solution by many of IPT's corporate clients.

- Can be issued in different formats (digital voucher, serial number, listing…) 
- Currency: LBP 
- Single-use 
- Can be used for fuel or other types of products 
- Gives access to a large network of IPT stations 

This initiative is part of IPT’s strategy to embed sustainability at the heart of all its operations.  

For more info: 78- 822 822 / 09- 624 111 /    

Watch animation, Listen to radio spot, check brochure, and visit the IPT Fuel Cards page.

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