Wed Nov 18, 2020
Glacelf, Your Winter Companion! 
IPT is your companion on the road all year along! While temperatures have started dropping and winter is showing its face, IPT provides you with Glacelf: A trusted European "long-life" antifreeze with high level of effective and fast protection against damage caused by freezing, cavitations, corrosion and overheating. 

When mixed with the appropriate quantity of distilled water, between 50 & 60% of your radiator's capacity, it becomes a coolant fluid recommended by experts for all internal ignition engines in cars, vans, trucks, construction machinery and agricultural tractors. Glacelf is also perfect for home use in heating boilers.   
Because we care about our customers, we aim to always provide the best products and services to ensure road safety.  

Glacelf is available at most IPT Stations. Locate the closest station by using IPT online Station Locator.

For more info, Visit Elf Page or call 09-624 111.