Wed Mar 13, 2019
Fuel Her Way This Mother’s Day!

Her smile is what keeps us fueled on the road of life. On this Mother’s Day, IPT offers you many gifts in one idea: IPT Fuel Gift Card is a rechargeable card that allows your mother to accumulate points with every usage and get rewards.

Presented in a unique gift box package, IPT Fuel Gift Card comes in four standard denominations of LBP 50,000, LBP 75,000, LBP 100,000 & LBP 200,000. It can be re-used, and customized denominations may be arranged instantly by calling IPT Cards Service Center on 78-822 822. The card is secured with a Pin Code and its user can access an online account to monitor the transactions. 

Hesitate no more; Order your card online through filling this form or by dialing: 78- 822 822 and we will deliver it to you.

Click here to know more about IPT Fuel Gift Card and the Rewards Bundle.