Thu Apr 01, 2021
Eco-driving: 15 Easy Steps To Save on Fuel

Did you know that you can reduce your fuel consumption and save money daily with 15 easy steps? Find out how through IPT Energy Center’s Eco-driving tips:  

1- Control your speed
2- Drive at low RPM
3- Accelerate and brake gradually
4- Change the Oil and the Oil Filter Regularly
5- Change or Clean the Air Filter Regularly
6- Examine the Tires' Pressure Regularly
7- Use Clean Fuel
8- Avoid Idling
9- Use the air conditioning wisely
10- Park in the shade
11- Travel light
12- Plan and organize your trip
13- Don't drive when stressed
14- Use carpooling 
15- Walk and bike more 

Eco-driving benefits are not limited to fuel saving, you will be saving the planet & protecting your health! Click here to know more.