Sun May 12, 2019
Features of IPT’s Sustainable and Eco-friendly Gas Station

IPT sustainable and eco-friendly station distinguishes with its features that transformed the concept of gas stations from a polluting source to a way to decrease wastes and fingerprints. 

There is a wide variety of tactics and strategies for reducing our energy footprint including buying energy-efficient equipment, being vigilant about our actual energy use, and insulation and better weatherproofing systems. In addition to energy conservation, it is important to produce energy from renewable sources knowing how much energy we use every day:

• Energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to reduce energy consumption, through solar power system that decreases reliance on fossil fuels, stage 2 vapor recovery system which allows the collection and removal of vapors from the dispensing area, Smart LED lighting system which is 80% more efficient, eco-friendly air conditioning system using R134a ozone friendly and reducing energy cost contributing to better fuel economy and Laserwash machine equipped with Variable Frequency Drivers (VFDs) and soft starters to save energy.
• Wastewater Treatment solutions to achieve zero toxic discharge in sewer network, through sewage systems that allow water to pass through hydrocarbon and oil separator for filtering.
• Water conservation solutions to reduce water consumption, by rain water collection from canopies and roof, and storage in an underground tank to be treated in a water treatment system related to carwash.
• Cleaner and environmentally-friendly products and services, Quantum the advanced clean fuel, Biodiesel produced from waste cooking oil, solar powered electric vehicle charger, nitrogen tires inflator, emissions analyzer and waste disposal unit area for different types of wastes to be safely deposited for special treatment and reuse.
• Soil and ground water protection to achieve zero hydrocarbon leakage, underground double wall tanks with leak detectors and fiberglass sumps completely sealed on the manholes to prevent any leakage inside and outside the area where the pipes are connected to the tanks, in addition to polyethylene pipes enter the sump and a remote filling sump.

Because safety is a priority, IPT’s sustainable gas station runs its operations according to the highest international health safety and quality standards. It is equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED), fire extinguishers, sandbox and safety signs.

The station is connected to the central control room at IPT headquarters and has an automatic vehicle recognition system.

The roof is covered with plantation to purify the air and regulate the temperature.