Sat Nov 07, 2020
Equipt: A Superstore for Industries, Businesses and More!

EQUIPT Petroleum Equipment Store offers you a large variety of internationally acclaimed brands of petroleum equipment along with an abundance of extra spare parts, accessories, mechanical and electronic devices. EQUIPT is the sole distributor for most of the following brands: PDQ, Karcher, Lanfeng, Tokheim, Lustra, PCL, APAC, JUCAI, Antonio Merloni, OPW, Sab Tech and many others available at EQUIPT showroom. 

Equipt caters the needs of:

Stations and industries:  

Terminals and Oil storage tanks and reservoirs, LPG filling stations, Petrol stations, Petrol transportation trucks, Storage tanks, pumps, Meters and others, Factories, Garages  

Restaurants, homes and gardens:  
Buildings & Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Universities, Restaurants, Schools, Cinemas etc 

For more info, check Equipt website: