Wed Nov 13, 2019
Elf: Premium European Lubricants: for Vehicles and Generators

After summer, each vehicle needs a special maintenance. Starting from oil and filter change, we have what's best for you and your vehicle: the European Elf lubricants!

Born in Formula One, Elf Lubricants owe their identification with excellence, performance, records and countless victories in part to their history, the story of a brand created 50 years ago. Therefore, it transfers the technology developed on the race track to the synthetic motor oils for your vehicle.

Here is what you need to know about the main types of oil: Mineral-based oil is simply a heavily refined version of oil sourced from the ground. Semi-synthetic oil is a similar substance but with artificial additives, while Purely Synthetic oil is essentially man-made and designed oil, made from more advanced refining processes and is of a higher purity and quality than conventional mineral oils, offering you superior protection and performance. Synthetic engine oils provide a variety of benefits that keep your engine running at optimal performance for years.

Being the exclusive distributor of Elf lubricants in Lebanon since 2011, IPT does not cater for the needs of passenger cars only, but it provides oil for motorcycles, as well as industrial and heavy duty machinery, including break oil,  transmission oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, and greases.

Watch video 1 & video 2, and click here to know more about Elf lubricants.