Tue Apr 09, 2019
Elf Oil Change at IPT: Professional and High Standard!

IPT brought you the oil born in formula one! Elf oil the French lubricant, is well known by its high quality. Through its partnerships with top international manufacturers, Elf creates high performance oils that provide effective engine protection.

The safest car oil Elf is available at IPT Stations where we commit to offer you: a warm welcoming, premium oil, free safety checks, quick and professional service.

Boost your engine performance with Elf, the racing oil for champions, and enjoy every ride.

If you are confused about the type of oil that suits your car you can download the Elf lubes chart or you can trust our professionals in doing it. Check out the 8 steps of a full "Oil Change Service" at IPT stations by downloading the IPT/Elf Oil Change Booklet.

Watch video 1 & video 2, and click here to know more about Elf lubricants.