Tue Jun 16, 2020
Check Out the 8 Steps of a full "Oil Change Service" at IPT Stations

A simple car maintenance, such as oil change, prevents costly engine and transmission breakdowns. That's why, IPT recommends a regular oil change. For a professional Elf oil change, our team follows these main 8 steps:

1- Checking Engine Oil:
Opens the hood, locates the engine oil dipstick and removes to check the oil level, color and texture.
2- Identifying the Right Oil: Leads you to IPT/Elf Oil Chart - where you can find recommendations - to choose the right oil viscosity for your car engine.
3- Matching the Oil Filter: Checks the oil filter's parts’ number, and chooses the new matching oil filter.
4- Oil Suction or Drainage: (a) Inserts the oil extraction tube into the oil dipstick to start extracting the used motor oil. Or (b) Lifts the car and removes the oil drain screw to drain the used motor oil completely. Once done, he places back the oil screw and lowers the vehicle to the ground.
5- Replacing the Oil Filter: Places a light oil coating on the filter’s gasket so it is easily inserted onto the engine. Then, by hand, he installs the new matching oil filter, and turns it into a clockwise direction.
6- Refilling the Engine Oil: Pours in the correct amount of the chosen Elf motor oil using a funnel.
7- Re-checking Oil Level: Carefully inspects for any oil leaks or unusual sound, re-checks the oil level and makes sure the car is working properly.
8- Handing the Oil Change Booklet: Provides you with the Elf "Oil Change Booklet", to write down the needed info (date and type of oil changed) to keep track of the upcoming oil change dates.

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For any other information/tips about oil change, call us on: 09-624111 or email us on: info@iptgroup.com.lb