Mon Jun 10, 2019
EAA 2019 - Your Chance has been Renewed!

The registration period in the 2nd edition of the "Energy Awareness Awards" (EAA 2019) has been extended from June 15 to July 15.

Hurry up and register your projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation, mitigation of climate change, innovation in energy or any of these topics combined. 

It is your chance to highlight your project and get recognized.
* The EAA is your way to encourage green and eco-friendly projects and initiatives and your contribution to a sustainable future. If you are a company in the private sector, a technical school, a university, a municipality or an entrepreneur, this is your last chance to register your implemented projects and get under the spotlight! 

Apply now through this link:

* In the Media: MTV Alive- RLL radio (Bayna Soutour)- Lebanon Debate- VDL 93.3 Mhz (Mawkaf Mas2oul)-