Fri Sep 27, 2019
Distribution Ceremony of the 2nd Edition of the Energy Awareness Awards (EAA 2018-2019)

Under the patronage of HE Mrs. Nada Boustani Khoury, Minister of Energy and Water, UNDP and IPT Energy Center (IPTEC) organized on Friday 27 September 2019 at Le Royal Hotel - Dbayeh in the framework of International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF 2019), the distribution ceremony of the Energy Awareness Awards (EAA 2019) in its second edition. EAA is a program that recognizes significant contributions of the public and private sectors including business, youth startups, entrepreneurs and academia in integrating sustainable practices within their fields and promoting energy sustainability in Lebanon.

The Awards distribution ceremony was held in the presence of the UNDP Resident Representative in Lebanon Mrs. Celine Moyroud, and IPTEC President Dr. Toni Issa and a wide range of personalities from the public and private sector and from different institutions interested in the energy market.

The ceremony was hosted by the media personality Toufic Gebran.

Dr. Issa
The Energy Awareness Awards is an initiative aimed at highlighting the efforts of public and private institutions and organizations in the field of energy sustainability and better environmental performance.

Some may wonder how a research center operating under the umbrella of a petroleum company that imports and sells petroleum products which by nature are polluting takes the initiative to reward institutions adopting environmental solutions or renewable energy solutions that reduce the use of such products.

First, because we work in the oil and gas sector, the responsibility is bigger and we have the greatest duty to contribute to alleviating the health and environmental impact of our business, even if this contradicts with our commercial interests.

Second, because we are committed to sustainability and social responsibility as an approach and a culture.

Third, because of the special situation we live in in Lebanon, where the majority of the Lebanese companies are family business. That is, the Lebanese businessman combines two attributes at the same time: the status of an investor and a citizen at the same time.

Fourth, beyond all these reasons combined, and from personal experience, I would say that the adoption of a sustainable approach and responsible business practice should in no way be seen as an additional cost, financial burden or even a charitable act. Because if properly used, it generates additional opportunities, and the company realizes unprecedented advantages.

The Energy Awareness Awards is the result of an MOU with UNDP signed in 2015, renewed in 2019 with the aim of implementing several projects in the field.

We have been keen from the outset that the UNDP team supervises all stages of the EAA given the UNDP high credibility, from receiving the applications to providing explanations and the appointment of a panel of trusted figures and experts to study the applications. I take this opportunity to thank the jury members for their hard work and time in studying the applications and selecting the winners, especially those present among us today the President of the Socioeconomic Council. Mr. Charles Arbid and the President of the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation Mr. Pierre Khoury.
I would like to express my thanks and congratulations to all companies and institutions that have been interested in and applied to the Energy Awareness Awards. I have learned from the jury that all applications have met the majority of the evaluation criteria and, in their view, are good projects. A limited number had to be chosen. That's what happened.
I conclude by extending heartfelt congratulations to the winners.

Mrs. Moyroud
This year’s applicants of the EAAs showed that, in Lebanon, solar systems, are being embraced as cheap alternatives to conventional energy sources. The solar systems are being integrated, in all sectors, with the existing power supply systems, to provide cheap and continuous electricity. Additionally, the applicants showcased the importance of innovations in energy efficiency that provide cheap and sustainable solutions for water and space heating, and clean alternatives to solid waste collection. 

The EAA Awards prove that all interventions, no matter how big or small, no matter within which facility, or who develops it, make a difference.  We hope to set concrete examples that can be upscaled and we hope to encourage others to replicate these green energy interventions.  

I take this opportunity to thank each person involved in developing the awards and assessing the submitted applications. In addition, I would like to congratulate this year’s winners on their outstanding achievements in their respective fields.  I would also like to thank every person that believes in the fight against climate change and to each individual effort to do something about it, from using less cars, to being careful about what products you buy to switching off the lights when you leave a room. Thank you.

HE Minister Boustani
She stressed the keenness of the Ministry of Energy and Water to cooperate with the UNDP and IPT Energy Center in order to disseminate these projects and all similar successful projects across Lebanon.

"We are convinced that the development of the sustainable energy sector in Lebanon requires a great effort from all parties, and the ministry is open to all ideas and projects to move towards a better future for our country," she said.

The Winning Projects in the 2nd edition of the Energy Awareness Awards (EAA) are as follows:

  • Category I- Private Sector Initiatives: 1st prize: Zmerly Smart Heating for its Energy Management Program // 2nd prize: ECOsys an ITG company for its project of Installation of roof & partial façade PV system at its headquarters.
    4 Appreciation Certificates in the first category: For Chehab Industrial & Medical Gases SAL for Installation of Photovoltaic System at its Existing CIMG Facility. For Gemayel Freres SAL for shifting to renewable energy and energy conservation: PV Installation (300 KW); LED lighting & Fuel temperature control. For Liban Cable SAL for its Photovoltaic Project: PV Installation (600 KW). For Demco Steel, the project Demco Energy: PV Installation.
  • Category II- Academia: 1st prize: Don Bosco School Kahale for its Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development AID11478; by // 2nd prize: International School of Choueifat for its Installation of PV system for Green School Certification Program (421 KW); designed & implemented by SACOTEL.
    1 Appreciation Certificate in second category: For Carbon Cleaner for its Model/Tool that calculates carbon footprint of academic institutions.
  • Category III- Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship: 1st prize: Nasrallah Engineering SARL for its Energy Saving Water Heater Tank with Variable Capacity // 2nd prize: Live Love Recycle: E-Bike recycling collection with mobile application; by Live Love Lebanon.
    2 Appreciation Certificates in third category: For Hicing for its mobile application "Shared Taxi" and for Roof and Roots for its Green roofing system.
  • Category IV – Local Government/ Municipalities: 1st prize: Hamana Municipality for its Installation of Renewable Energy System in Hamana for the wastewater treatment plan // 2nd prize: Municipality of Andaket for its Briquette production facility from forestry and agricultural residues. 
    2 Appreciation Certificates in forth category: For Municipality of Ainata Al Arz for its Smart solar steel lighting // For Bchaaleh Municipality for its Bridging the Energy Gap (Solar PV Installation at Municipality level & prepaid utility payment system).


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